Jochem Oostendorp

Awareness in Motion
Practise for body consiousness and relaxation

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The Trager Approach

The Trager Approach is an revolutionary approach to movement. Using only comfortable, easy and simple movements to decrease muscle tension and stress and increasing the range of motion.

It’s different from most other movement therapies in that, although it works on muscles, joints, tendons and fascia, the actual effect is achieved true the control of the body by the brain. Since it is the brain that controls things as muscle tensions and movement patrons.

The first session starts with an intake. The client’s condition and expectations are discussed. The client is informed what will happen during the session and is asked to give feedback during the session. Most sessions than start with some basic standing movements before proceeding to the massage table. When needed the client will be taught some simple self-help movement at the end of the session.

During the session the client is dressed for his or her comfort in underwear or lose fitting pants and shirt. No massage oil is used during the session. The Trager Approach is not part of a specific religion, all religions are welcome.

The therapist, Jochem Oostendorp

My interest in movement and the connections between body and mind arose in the practice of Aikido. Aikido is a Japanese martial art in which uses not muscle power but skill and intention. One of my previous sensei’s (Emil Drohm) also used to teach awareness classes. In which Aikido, Trager and various other disciplines where combined.

The eventually inspired me to start the training to become a Trager practitioner myself. Since then I have also taken the Reflex Response training. This is used to correct body posture.

I my adaptation of the Trager Approach I start from what is. From there I search for that which can be ligther, easer, beter. I connect and get to the core of things.

Feel free to contact me of you have any questions.


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Belangrijk; Trager ® sessies, workshops en lessen zijn geen vervanging voor reguliere medische zorg. Bij aanhouding of verergering van klachten altijd contact opnemen met de huisarts of behandelend arts. Trager ® is bedoeld als een aanvullende methodiek, Het kan ondersteunend werken bij behandeling door bijvoorbeeld fysiotherapeut. Wel dit dient in overleg met de primaire behandelaar te gebeuren.

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